Seamless vs. Top Food Delivery Services Compared
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Seamless vs. Top Food Delivery Services Compared

Have you ever felt like staying home and ordering out, but were sick of ordering pizza. With a food delivery service, you can order food from many different restaurants and cuisine and have it delivered to your home. Maybe you and some friends are sitting at home and had some drinks and felt like a good Italian or Greek dinner, but you are not about to drive anywhere. You can call a food delivery service, order a great meal from one of your favorite restaurants and have it delivered to you without having to leave your home.
Covered in this report
Seamless — Best Features
Seamless shows the delivery times on their website.
Seamless has more restaurants to choose from and shows photos of each dish.
Best for: Those in major cities like New York City because of the large number of restaurants to choose from. — Best Features
Usually has a slightly lower minimum order price.
Available in more cities to choose from.
Best for: For those who would like more than just food delivered including alcohol, flowers and more.
Best deal: Current Promotions - [activate coupon]


Seamless is a food delivery service that has been delivering food to individual customers since 2005. Seamless is partnered with more than 12,000 different restaurants in 40 cities and metro areas. They currently serve the following cities:

  • Boston
  • New York City including Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Yonkers, Jersey City, Newark, Greenwich, Stamford and Westport.
  • Philadelphia
  • Baltimore
  • Washington D.C. including Arlington, Alexandria, Reston, Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Rockville and Silver Spring.
  • Miami
  • Austin
  • Houston
  • Chicago
  • Seattle
  • Portland
  • San Francisco including Menlo Park, Berkley, Oakland, Mountain View, Palo Alto and Redwood City.
  • Los Angeles including Burbank, Long Beach and Santa Monica.
  • London, England

How to Order Food with Seamless

Gryo from Mike's Deli from Seamless

You can search the Seamless website and easily find the food and restaurant you want to order from. You can choose between having your meals either delivered to you or you can choose to pickup the food yourself. You then enter in your street address, city and state. Once you have entered in your location, you can search the Seamless website various ways.

  • You can choose to see a list of all restaurants in your delivery area or you can search by the type of food you would like to order.
  • You can filter your search by cuisine with options like Chinese, sandwiches, Italian, Japanese, soups, Thai, sushi, vegetarian or pizza.
  • Restaurant ratings.
  • Delivery minimum.
  • Restaurant prices.

You will have different options as to when you want your meals delivered.

  • Today at a specified time.
  • Tomorrow
  • The day after tomorrow
  • And you can enter in the time you would like order to be delivered.

Once you have a list of restaurants or the type of cuisine you are interested in, you can sort the list by the following options.

If you were to search by food type, you could enter in Greek for example and the search results would show you all of the types of food with the word Greek in it, the restaurant name and a description of the meal.

Cuisine search on Seamless

Seamless Mobile Apps

In addition to being able to order food from Seamless on your computer, they also offer the following mobile apps that you can use to order food.

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android devices
  • Blackberry

Seamless Customer Support

You can contact their customer care at the following phone numbers.

  • In the United States, you can call 1-800-905-9322 and press option 2 or email them at
  • For the United Kingdom, call 0808 189 6559 or email them at

Seamless Customer Comments

You can find Seamless customer comments for different cities on Most complaints dealt with coupons or vouchers that did not work.

  • Amazing selection of local eateries.- Easy to use system. - Great iPhone app. AMAZING customer service.  I had a horrible experience one evening and the restaurant wouldn't budge.  I called Seamless Web and they took care of bidness!”-   Andreas H., New York City
  • “So handy. I can never remember to keep cash on me, so this makes it super easy to get food in mah belly without a trip to the ATM. Too busy at work to step out for lunch? No worries, a few clicks in a browser tab and you can get back to work until you get a call from the lobby to tell you your food guy is here. Sweet. When I lived in Manhattan it was insane how many options there were; in Brooklyn there are way fewer, but the plucky little company is adding more and more to my area, so good for them. And me. And my belly.” -  Claire F., New York City
  • “If I could give these guys 10 stars, I would!! We usually have no problems with our orders. However, the one time that we had some MAJOR problems with an order, the people at Seamless were AMAZING!!! What great customer service and they solved the problem quickly. Thanks guys!” – Lori C., Manhattan
  • I signed with Seamless and immediately had issues. The deliveries that came in were not within the delivery area I'd specified to my account representative, and the wait time when calling Seamless was very lengthy. I finally told my employees to look at the address before verifying the order, and if it was too far, to not confirm. After a few calls from the automated system, a representative would call. (Prior to this, I also wrote the Seamless sales representative who initially contacted me and received no response.)   When I signed, my representative told me that the payments would be made twice a month. I've been with Seamless for two months, and have only received monthly deposits. I wrote customer care several times, and finally heard from someone today saying that they are unable to modify my payment schedule……” – Nichole M,. Brooklyn has been delivering food to individual customers since 2004. They deliver more than just food and are currently partnered with more than 10,000 restaurants, caterers, grocers, florists and other merchants in over 50 major cities in the United States. does not list which cities they deliver in. If you live in a smaller city, you can enter in your address, city and state to find out if they deliver food in your area. product categories that you can have delivered to you include:

  • Restaurants
  • Caterers
  • Grocers
  • Wines and liquor
  • Flowers and gifts
  • Home essentials
  • Office products
  • Bakery and desserts
  • Butcher
  • Health and Beauty

How to Order Food from

To order food from a restaurant, you will first enter in your address and if delivers in your area, you will see the list of available restaurants. You can further refine your search the following ways:

  • Cuisine that includes American, Asian, Café, Chinese, deli, Greek, Italian, Thai, Mediterranean, Mexican and more.
  • Minimum order amount.
  • Restaurant rating.
  • Payment methods.
  • Delivery fee.
  • Delivered or pickup.

Once you have the list of available restaurants, you can view the list of restaurants alphabetically, by distance, restaurant rating and minimum order.

You will also have options of when you would like your food delivered.

  • ASAP
  • Today with time options.
  • They also delivery options going out as far as six days and what time you would like your food delivered on that date.

Menu list from Mobile Food Ordering Apps

In addition to being able to ordering food from your computer or laptop, you can also use your mobile devices to search for food, restaurants and order your food. has mobile apps for the iPhone and Android devices. Customer Support has the following recommendation to resolve problems.

  • If your meal order was for immediate delivery or pickup and there was a problem with the quality, delivery time or preparation of your meal, you should contact the restaurant immediately about the problem.
  • If contacting the merchant or restaurant provided no help, you can call at 1-800-709-7191.
  • You can also use their contact form. Customer Comments

You can find customer comments and ratings on for numerous cities including:

  • We all know the premise of, and the execution is done well. The web site is clean and easy to navigate, and the point reward system is a nice touch. The bonus system puts it ahead of Seamless. The 5-star rating is for the customer service. I waited 1.5 hours for a delivery to arrive, and complained to .The meal did arrive, but they still refunded my meal entirely. Their tone was polite, their actions efficient. And the fact the food was late had nothing to do with Sure, they're a middle man... but a great middle man at that.” – Mike M., Portland, Oregon
  • If you don't mind waiting a little longer. I just used this for the first time, from a sandwich place that usually has incredibly fast delivery if you order by phone. took about 15 - 20 mins longer than I would normally expect ordering by phone from the same place. I plan on using this service again.” – Ann B., New York City
  • I have used for awhile and never had an issue until recently with an order where a restaurant sent the wrong item.  I tried to call, but ended up having to use the Online contact provided to tell them about my order shortly after delivery.  They researched it two days later and the merchant only offered $4 back of food because we didn't return the food….” – Brian C., San Francisco, CA

Menu from EZ Deli on

Minimum Price Comparisons

Looking at the same restaurant listed on both Seamless and, you can see different fees. does not list the delivery times, so unfortunately they cannot be compared.

China Joe in Oakland, California has the following prices for each company.

  • Seamless lists the delivery minimum for China Joe as $21.
  • lists their minimum order as $15.
  • Both Seamless and list a $3.50 delivery fee.

42nd Street Diner and Pizza in New York City:

  • Seamless lists the delivery minimum as $15.
  • lists the minimum as $10.

El Rancho Burritos in New York City:

  • Seamless has a $10 minimum price.
  • has a $15 minimum.

Fuel Grill and Juice Bar in New York City:

  • Seamless has a $10 minimum.
  • also shows a $10 minimum.

Holey Crème in New York City:

  • Seamless has a $12 minimum.
  • has a $10 minimum.

Delivery times with Seamless can range from 30 minutes to 60 minutes depending on the day and time of day. The delivery fees for both Seamless and range from no fee to $3.50 with some listing a percentage. Many restaurants have no fee for delivery. Most delivery minimum order costs are around $15 to $25, though I did see one restaurant as high as $300. Not being able to see the delivery times from is a disadvantage.


Both Seamless and food delivery services are partnered with many different restaurants. If you cannot find your favorite restaurant on one website, you can probably find it on the other website. Even though does not list all of the cities they serve, type in your address and city and they could serve your area. 

Pastrami burger from Mendy's in New York City (Seamless)
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